Become an iyris™ SecondSky™ manufacturer or distributor

iyris™ has exclusive manufacturing agreements in place with leading manufacturers of polyethylene & polycarbonate in the EU, Mexico, GCC and MENA. We would be more than happy to have a discussion with you if you are a manufacturer outside of these regions.

We are looking to add distributors, greenhouse manufacturers and agricultural suppliers outside of these exclusive regions who want to offer the iyris™ SecondSky™ range as an alternative to polyethylene or net shading to their customers in our growing supply base. Please contact us and we can discuss how we can work together to help feed the world, sustainably.

The Future of Agriculture

iyris™ SecondSky™ heat blocking materials are just the first step in our mission to find ways to feed the world sustainably and optimise the light spectrum for the agriculture and aquaculture sector.

The future of greenhouse coverings involves developing new solutions to create bespoke products for key crops and markets so that both the heat and light plants receive optimises plant wellbeing, photosynthetic activity and improves yields.

Our Global Supply Chain

iyris™ SecondSky™ heat blocking materials are manufactured by leading quality manufacturers in the EU, Mexico, MENA and the GCC.

You can choose to buy direct from any of these manufacturers or through your usual distributor or greenhouse manufacturer.

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Big Ambitions

The better the quality of light that the plants receive, the better the biomass accumulation that provides the plants the energy needed for fruit, flower and crop production.

The quality of light is not just about the heat it generates, or the light spectrum that is allowed through the covering. iyris™ are developing solutions that address these challenges and is exploring new ideas in the field of spectral tuning.

We have big ambitions to help feed the world, sustainably.