Frequently Asked Questions

It is perceived by the eye as blue, but is in fact transparent. iyrisTM is a brand that is specialised in developing solutions that optimise the spectrum for horticulture. The human eye sees only a small part of the light spectrum and it’s that optical perception that makes the iyrisTM SecondSkyTM range appear blue to the eye.

iyrisTM SecondSkyTM is not blue. It just looks that way to the human eye, in the same way that the sky looks blue. In fact, iyrisTM SecondSkyTM is transparent. iyrisTM is the world leader in optimising the light spectrum to improve the climate and promote plant growth. Through spectral-tuning, iyrisTM will continue to develop innovative products to support the agriculture and aquaculture industry.

Compared to standard plastics, the thermal insualtion of iyrisTM SecondSkyTM is totally comparable. Greenhouse, or hot house development has largely focused in the past on retaining heat, to allow crops to grow in colder climates. As we experience increasing global heat levels our focus has been on reducing the heat load inside a controlled environment. This means that with iyrisTM SecondSkyTM the facility retains the same heat at night and protects from the thermal load during the day.

iyrisTM SecondSkyTM the has the same mechanical properties and lifetime as the substrate within which it is integrated.

There are no special or unique installation methods needed to install iyrisTM SecondSkyTM. It is installed exactly the same way that you already install net, polycarbonate or polyethylene.

The revolutionary advanced material in iyrisTM absorbs heat radiation, blocking it from passing through the material, while allowing the light that plants need to prosper and grow through it. Standard heat prevention involves reflecting the heat away from the plastic (often by using an additional layer or coating). This often negatively impacts the quality of light that can pass through, or the transparency of the material.

iyrisTM is a revolutionary advanced material which is highly transparent to visible light (PAR) whilst being highly absorbent to heat (NIR). This is a proprietary material which has taken years of academic and scientific work to perfect.

Yes. Your supplier will be able to help provide you with the dimensions required to cover your greenhouse.

You can check this with your local supplier or distributor.

iyris only works with the prime plastics manufacturer in each region. The are the exclusive regional manufacturers of iyrisTM SecondSkyTM. You can buy the products either from them direct, your chosen greenhouse manufacturer or agricultural supplier.

The manufactuers we work with are: NAPCO, Armando Alvarez, Hemaplast (polycarbonate); Al Amara, Creando & Lopez (net); and BTT (Cravo roofs).

Due to iyris’s ability to significantly reduce in infra-red radiation at a low photosynthetic light compromise, the plants will have an optimised environment to thrive in and grow. To date, in iyris installations, this has resulted in both a reduction in fertigation requirements and increases in yield.

iyris reduces infra-red radiation, meaning the irrigation and fertigation requirements per kg of produce will reduce. In the context of a pad/fan cooling greenhouse, the amount of cooling water required will also reduce. In our flagship CACTUS installation we have logged up to 30% reduction in fertigation requirements and 50% reduction in pad cooling water requirements.

Infra-red radiation is responsible for over 50% of heat load entering a greenhouse. iyrisTM SecondSkyTM products reduce this heat load significantly, meaning that in a controlled environment greenhouse it will significantly reduce fan use, creating energy savings of up to 45%.

The case studies completed and empirical data collected from trial sites confirms produce delivers a higher yield per m2 compared to control sites. Additionally, in extreme conditions, farmers using iyrisTM SecondSkyTM are able to extend their growing/harvesting season which delivers additional yield to the farmer.

In our resources section, you can find links to the scientific publications and references that have been published on iyris.

Anywhere where there is a period of excessive heat, deteriorating plant health and wellbeing, iyris will help. This means even in the UK or in North America you can benefit from iyris technology.

Yes. It is possible to specify anti-drip properties or any other usual functional additives that you are able to get through your usual distribution channels. iyris has no effect on other additives.

No, iyris additives are incorporated into the base substrate of your choosing with one of our manufacturing partners and this will not affect diffusion or any other additive/parameter.

All technical specifications are available to be downloaded from the individual product pages on the website.

Depending on the application, we can tune the heat blocking of iyrisTM SecondSkyTM to suit your crop and geographical climate requirements. We have achieved over 90% NIR reduction in some of our more aggressive integrations.

This depends on the iyris integration you select. As an example, when iyrisTM SecondSkyTM replaces standard polyethylene in a low heat blocking integration, we block 50% of the NIR with only 5% PAR compromise.

With our focus on optimizing the spectrum, the name reflects that SecondSky lets in the light, and keeps out the heat. The plants benefit from how that light is optimised.

SecondSky covers can be made in net, polyethylene, polycarbonate, high density polyethylene (net) and acrylic.

Only licenced manufacturers can produce iyris products. This ensures the quality and specification of the materials are controlled and always manufactured to agreed specifications. If you are a major manufacturer of plastic and polymers and would like to discuss the possibility of becoming an iyris manufacturer, outside of one of our exclusive supply regions (EU, Mexico, MENA), please get in touch.

We would be more than happy to add you to the growing list of distributors, greenhouse manufacturers and agriculture wholesalers that offer iyrisTM SecondSkyTM to their customers. If you are not already in contact with our exclusive manufacturers, we will be more than happy to make an introduction.

iyris is a radiation effect – so if there is little/no light (winter/night) there will be a reduced or no effect. Thermal protection at night is unaffected.

No. iyrisTM SecondSkyTM works with net, polycarbonate & polyethylene installations of any tech. iyris will help in any greenhouse configuration from a simple tunnel to a hi-tech CEA facility. If you use mechanical cooling as well, using iyris will reduce water and energy costs in that site.

Solar radiation comes in a multiple wavelengths and the benefits of these different wavelengths to crops vary. In general terms, the PAR spectrum (400-700nm) is the key part of the spectrum that is useful to the plant for photosynthesis. For some plants, like flowers, there is a benefit in having higher far red (700-800nm) level to promote flowering. iyris tunes the spectrum with our proprietary technology to give the best compromise between radiation that is key for certain plants, while still being able to reduce heat loads, which is effectively wasted energy in a greenhouse in high radiation environments.

Much of the plastics industry is focused on the transparency of products as a key driver. iyris approaches horticulture/agriculture from an alternative perspective. We focus on the quality of the light spectrum that plants receive. This is more important than simply allowing more light through a covering. The added benefits of iyris is that it also blocks heat radiation. We also work to ‘tune’ iyris covers to optimize the light spectrum for specific crops and conditions.

iyris supplies our manufacturers with the revolutionary advanced material that transforms plastic into iyrisTM SecondSkyTM, so they and your distributor set the local price for iyris. Our studies have shown that, while an iyris covering is slightly more expensive than a traditional plastic cover, the additional investment is paid back in the savings in water, energy and increased yield within a year of installation – giving farmers two years of additional benefits.

Yes, we are proud of being part of the RedSea brand.