Global award for iyris™ as world-leading agricultural technology

Just weeks after being named one of the top 50 new agricultural technologies in the world Redsea has won the prestigious Davidson prize for its innovative iyris™ heat-blocking roof replacement SecondSky™.

Iyris™ is transforming food production around the world, particularly in hot climates, as it makes growing more efficient and sustainable.

Created by RedSea, iyris™ SecondSky™ cuts peak temperatures inside the greenhouse using its advanced nanotechnology heat-blocking material which is transparent to light and absorbent to heat.

The technology was named one of the AE50, which recognises the 50 most innovative solutions and systems in agriculture and food.

Now, it has been selected from that list to win the coveted Davidson Prize which is only awarded to the most transformational technologies in agriculture. It is only one of three products to be selected and only one of 18 to have won the prestigious honour since its inception in 2018.

The global accolade puts RedSea in esteemed company, with major global brands like John Deere among previous winners of the prize.

President of RedSea, Simon Bryant, says: “This award is a huge honour and reinforces our reputation as a world-leading innovator in sustainable agriculture technology.

“iyris™ is a game changer. Not only is it making growing in hot climates more viable and sustainable, ensuring food security in these regions, but it is also a key solution for cooler regions as they face the realities of climate change.

“To be one of only three selected for the award demonstrates the potential for growers around the world and is a huge boost in our mission to help feed the world, sustainably.”

iyris™ SecondSky™ roofs and nets use advanced nanotechnology to optimise the light spectrum for agriculture, reducing water and energy costs while improving crop yield.

This unique Agri-Climate Technology has been created for greenhouse growers to reduce the impact of peak heat on plant growth while still allowing light through to drive photosynthesis and create healthier and more productive crops. It is installed in the same way as other standard polyethylene, polycarbonate and acrylic roofs.

Under iyris™ SecondSky™, plants are better protected from the harmful heat of the sun (NIR). This puts the plants under much less stress, which can reduce the transpiration rate of the plants, creating healthier growth and better tasting and more prolific crops. At the same time, the high transparency provides crops with the correct levels of photosynthetic light (PAR) to optimize growth and yield.

To learn more about iyris, visit the website www.iyris.ag