iyris™ could be key to Middle East water crisis, claims RedSea

iyris, a pioneering new heat-blocking technology for growers, could be a key element of the fight to overcome the water crisis in the Middle East, claims RedSea.

Agriculture is the biggest consumer of water in the world but iyris technology cuts the temperature in the greenhouse, meaning growers can use less water but still increase crop yields.

Created by RedSea, the business says this means iyris could be a key solution in providing food security for hot climates and growing sustainably by cutting water use, saving energy and reducing crop inputs.

The freshwater table in the Middle East is dropping by one-metre a year and the region loses an equivalent amount of water to the Dead Sea each year – that’s around 180 billion litres of water.

Experts predict the region will run out of water in less than 50 years at the current rate of use. Agriculture accounts for around 85% of water use in the Middle East and that number is currently predicted to rise to 90%.

By switching to iyris, RedSea believes this could be part of the solution as growers and Governments fight to feed the growing population in the region while still working to address one of the biggest challenges facing the Middle East, the diminishing water reserves.

iyris™ SecondSky™ roofs and nets cut peak temperatures inside the greenhouse using advanced nanotechnology heat-blocking material which is transparent to light and absorbent to heat.

RedSea head of agronomy, Bruno D Olivera, says: “Water use is a critical issue in the Middle East and everyone is looking for solutions. iyris ensures growers can produce food sustainably and grow crop yields but also make significant reductions in the amount of water they use for cooling and the crops.

“Under iyris™ SecondSky™, plants are better protected from the harmful heat of the sun, meaning they are under much less stress. This significantly reduces the transpiration rate, creating healthier, better tasting and higher yielding crops. Most importantly, you can reduce the amount of irrigation water and crop inputs too.”

“There is a lot of focus on the water crisis but not enough people are talking about how we address the issue. iyris is part of that solution and could be the first step towards protecting our precious water resources.”

iyris™ uses advanced nanotechnology to optimise the light spectrum for agriculture, reducing water and energy costs while improving crop yield.

This unique Agri-Climate Technology has been created for greenhouse growers to reduce the impact of peak heat on plant growth while still allowing light through to drive photosynthesis and create healthier and more productive crops.

Under iyris™ SecondSky™, plants are better protected from the harmful heat of the sun (NIR). This puts the plants under much less stress, which can reduce the transpiration rate of the plants, creating healthier growth and better tasting and more prolific crops.

Providing crops with the correct levels of photosynthetic light (PAR)  to optimize growth and yield.

To learn more about iyris, visit the website www.iyris.ag