iyris™ creator Named In Forbes List of Top MENA Women Entrepreneurs

Professor Derya Baran, creator of iyris, has been named in a list of top women entrepreneurs developing tech brands in the Middle East, by leading business magazine Forbes.

Prof. Baran, who is also associate professor in Material Science and Engineering at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, was ranked at position three of 20 in the list, alongside the likes of Rita Huang Zhen of iMile, and Nour Sleiman, cofounder of mobile app, Cartlow.

She achieved the auspicious listing due to research she conducted into how the covering of greenhouses could be used to optimize the light spectrum for the crops below, allowing photovoltaic light to enter, while controlling infrared heat that is damaging to plants.

Prof. Baran founded RedSea which shares her technology and enables growers in hot climates to be able to save water and energy while at the same time, improve plant health and increase yield.

The technology is already beginning to play a significant role in making food production in hot regions more efficient and sustainable.

iyris™ SecondSky™ lies at the heart of RedSea’s business and the technology cuts peak temperatures inside the greenhouse using its advanced nanotechnology heat-blocking material which is transparent to light and absorbent to heat.

It is proven to save energy and water while increasing yields and also helping to extend the growing season, ensuring a future where we can feed the world sustainably.

Prof. Baran said: “I am honoured to appear on this list alongside such as inspiring group of female entrepreneurs.

“Together, we are driving change across the Middle East and beyond both in terms of the technologies we’re creating and by inspiring other women round the world to reach beyond their boundaries and achieve amazing things.”